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A team of con artists posing as paranormal investigators steal from the home of an affluent elderly woman, only to find themselves unleashing a dormant malevolent spirit.

The Remnant by Navin Ramaswaran

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More About "The Remnant" :
RICHARD MARWICK masquerading as a freelance psychic medium, now leads a team of talented young burglars who pose as paranormal investigators. They have made a solid reputation for themselves among the idle, superstitious and rich. Richard discovered that sprawling, supposedly haunted old mansions are great places to find lost Rembrandts and undervalued Ming vases. Their owners never seem to mind when the neglected piece goes missing… so long as the ‘evil spirit’ in question is dealt with, of course the houses aren’t really haunted. Richard’s team of ghost hunters have always found a rational explanation… that is until now... As the crew cases Mrs. Hargrave’s remote, gothic estate, they unknowingly disturb a powerful demon housed in a pagan statuette. It waits for the perfect moment to exact harrowing hallucinations on its unsuspecting, possessed victims. Like the thieving housekeeper before him, Richard pays the ultimate price for this, his final crime.

"The Remnant" Credits
Featuring: Peter Keleghan, Kaniehtiio Horn, Grace Lynn Kung, Jill Frappier, Michael James Regan
Directed By: Navin Ramaswaran
Produced By: Jeffrey Gross, Michael James Regan
Written By: Jeffrey Gross, Jonathan Williams
Edited By: Navin Ramaswaran, Mike Donis
Music By: Betamaxx

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